Theme Events

What is a Theme Event? This is a new concept in Goa. We at Dias Events define theme as a combination of pictures, colors, lights and costumes related to a particular genre. Some of the popular themes are carnival, vegas, bollywood, hawaian, beach etc. With this definition in mind we work towards the success of your themed party.

To cater to needs of a theme event the organisors have to see that all the desoration and designing is based upon the theme. Dias Events with its team of event designers and decorators is capable of handling this first step to a successful themed party.

But along with this one has to see to the participation of the crowd in the heme. We see to it that the crowd follows the theme even if their costumes don't match the theme. This is where our expertise comes into account. The music setup and lights play a very important role in the success of a themed event. Everything has to match the idea and sublect of the event.

The basic objective of Dias Events in a themed event is to see that everyone gets the feel, sense and experience behind the theme. Young and old, woman or man, boss or staff... All have to to be a part of the theme and enjoy the party.

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