Kazar (Goan Catholic Wedding)

A Goan Catholic wedding called Kazar in Konkani is a very elaborate affair. Spanning over three days it is a very complex set of rituals and celebrations. For the success of such an event the involvement of an event management agency like Dias Events is very important.

Some of the important events related to a Catholic Wedding are Bhikream Jevonn, Ros, Nuptial Mass, Reception and Portonnem. All these events need elaborate planning and preparations. We at Dias Events with our experience can arrange for the perfect planning for your wedding. Being Catholics the owners are well versed with the rituals involved in a Catholic Wedding.

Hall Decoration, Church Decoration, Church Choir, Church Service, Catering, Beverages, Band, Video Filming, Wedding Car, M.C., Takeaways, wedding cake, Invitation Cards, Horse carriage, Dj's Photography, are just some of the important aspects that we can organise for you.

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